New is an Island Nation in South Western Pacific Ocean. The Country Geographically comprises two main land masses that of North Island and the South Island.

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New Zealand is around the same size as the United Kingdom. United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while New Zealand is approximately 267,710 sq km with the Population of below 5 million where as UK consist of over 60 million.
The New Zealand is unique and quite spectacular from rolling green hills to golden sand beaches.
The New Zealanders are affectionately known as 'Kiwis', who are warm welcoming to their neighbours. The country is the multi cultural nation with the fusion of Maori (Indigenous People), Pacific Island, European and Asian People combining to make a Vibrant and Colorful society.
Why choose New Zealand for Higher Studies ?
The Country has International reputation as a provider of Quality Education. The main reasons as follows;
1. Safe yet Modern
    New Zealand has never seen War on its shows and the Crime rate is extremely law compared to Other Countries. New Zealand boasts of a very stable Government.
2. International Recognition of Course and Degree
    The education system is based on World Recognized and Accredited British Education System.
3. British based Education System in New Zealand at Lower Cost
4. Multi Culture
5. International Student Support Services
6. Work while you Study
    All Students on Student Visa are allowed to Work 20 Hours per week during Semester or Full Time during Vacation
7. Opportunity to Settle Permanently
    On Course completion, you get 12 Months Work Permit under the Post-Study Work Visa and then you can extend your Work Visa for 2 - 3 years under employer assistant on work related to your Studies. Then you will be eligible for Permanent Resident.
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