Europe is the World's second smallest continent covering approximately 6.7% of Earth's Land 2% of Earth's Surface

It is boarded by the Atlantic Ocean to the West, The Arctic Ocean to the North and Mediterranean Sea to the South. The Ural Mountains in Russia marks the Eastern.

7.3 Billion (2016)

Education Providers :
4,000 (approx)
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Europe is a Continent that comprises the western most part of the Euro Asia.  
Europe consists of 50 Countries and it the second smallest continent by the  
surface area. There are more than 225 Languages spoken across Europe.  
Europe Union produces as twice as many Doctorates than USA (with 111,000  
new Doctorates awarded each year).
There are over 4,000 Higher Education Institutions in Europe offering wide  
range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Level.
International Students who are studying in Europe will have right to work Part  
Time during Term Time and Full Time during Holidays. After completion of their  
program, most European Countries Offer up to 18 Months on a Post Study  
Work Visa, that allowed Work too  
(work while study & Post Study Work may vary depending on the country you chose to study)
What Makes Europe So Popular ?
1. High Quality Academic Programs
2. Studying in mainland Europe give the Students the opportunity to  
experience many different European countries and culture
3. Grab the Opportunity to improve your skills in another Language or in  
4. Support services for International Students
5. 31 of 100 World’s top Universities are in Europe
6. International Recognized Degrees with Very Low Tuition Fees  
7. Cheap Living Expenses compared to other Countries

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