Australia is a country and continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Its major cities - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide are coastal.
Capital: Canberra
Dialing code:
24.4 million (2016)
Australian Dollar (AUD)

Total Number of Universities: 43
Australia is the 3rd most popular International Student destination in the world despite of having 24 million people, in 7.69 million squares Kilo Meter.

It is the only continent governed as a single country.

Australia is considered as global leader in Education, which one of the many reasons why Students from around the World closed to pursue their higher studies here.

Six (6) out of 100 top Universities in the World are in Australia, with approximately more than 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutes. Therefore there is wider range of choice of Degree Programs to choose. 

Five (5) out of 30 best Student Cities are in Australia.

A survey revealed that 88% of the international student respondents are satisfied living in Australia. According to the Australian government, almost half of the population are born overseas or have at least one of their parents who are born overseas and that contributes to the use of many languages.

More than $200 million Australian dollars are provided by the Australian government each year in international scholarships.

Australia has produced 15 Nobel Prize laureates and everyday over 1 billion people around the world relay on Australian discoveries and innovations such as Penicillin, IVF, Wi-Fi, Black Box flight recorders and much more.

Schools and employers all over the world recognized degrees from Australia.

Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during the Term period and allowed Full Time in the Holidays. This is a great opportunity for the Students to gain work experience in their field of interest.

After Completion of their program, Students are allowed to Switch in to either 'Graduate Work Visa or Post-Study Visa'.

The Graduate Work stream is for international students who graduate with skills and qualifications that relate to an occupation considered in demand in the Australian labour market, as indicated in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). This Visa is generally granted for 18 months.

The Post-Study Work stream offers extended options for working in Australia to eligible graduates of a higher education degree. Under this stream, successful applicants are granted a visa with a visa period of two, three or four yearsí duration, depending on the highest educational qualification they have obtained.
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