Shuks Education Consultancy was founded in year 2007, under the Sole  
Proprietorship of Mr Safras Shukry Zeinul Abdeen. In the October 2014 this has become  
the Limited Company named 'SHUKS Consultants Ltd'

For nearly 10 years of Experience, Shuks Consultants has recruited more than 1000  
students to its partner Universities globally, especially for UK, USA, Australia and  

We have proudly been able to stamp our self as the most leading and prestigious  
education consultants among the Students with a reputation of integrity and ethics  
which can only be achieve with our dedication and strong mindsets to being  
comprehensive one stop consultancy for all those students who wish to study Overseas  
or Locally.

As Service, We have been guided by a philosophy of Trust, Honesty to individuals with a  
great emphasis on integrity.

Shuks Consultants are one of the Leading, Pioneer and Trustworthy Consultants in the  
field of Overseas Education and Migration. We are help thousands of Clients every  
year to achieve their goal.

Our Motto is ' Today's Choice :  2morrow's Success '

We stick to our motto as we interact very closely with our clients helping them towards  
their success. This is the main reason for our success story.

We are an established Consultants since 2008. Our Company's Head Office  
located in UK & branches operates around the World.

Who We Are ?
What We Do?
Shuks Education Consultants offers wide range of services to Students who are  
thriving to achieve commendable level of education either Nationally or Internationally.  

We offer

1. Counseling on Education

2. Help finding the right Universities

3. Guiding them to find the right Program of Study

4. Helping the students to complete and arrange the documents to meet the requirement

5. Guide the student till they succeed
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Today's Choice : 2morrow's Success